The AA Albir “Gathering” will be held at the 4-star Kaktus Hotel in Albir which is the same venue as the 2019 Albir Convention was held.

All our meetings are in English, but there will also be a number of meetings in Spanish which are staggered with our meetings so we both have exclusive use of the main Fellowship room.

As you enter the hotel reception, straight ahead of you you will see stairs and the lift leading down to the restaurant.  Our meeting room is just to the left of the restaurant with our own private area for socialising with a free coffee machine for those who have paid the registration fee.

The registration fee is 20 €/£20 for the weekend (which includes free use of the coffee machine!) and there will be a 10€ rate for those only able to attend one day.  If you only attend one single meeting then there would be no charge, but perhaps you would be kind enough to put a little extra into the Tradition 7 collection, as putting on a Convention does cost money, so every little extra is appreciated!

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